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stethoscope photoPreparation for medical school involves, first and foremost, completion of certain required courses and taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). After meeting these basic requirements, students with diverse records and backgrounds apply to medical school. Although there is no specific "formula" that leads automatically to medical school acceptance, the most competitive applicants have strong academic records and a broad range of experience.

A student can select any undergraduate major, provided the required pre-medical prerequisite courses are also completed. In the past, successful medical school applicants have majored in many non-science fields such as economics, philosophy, history, and international relations, as well as the more common life science majors such as physiology, biochemistry, and psychology. Specific course prerequisites may vary slightly between medical schools, but the following college-level subjects are generally required for both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics (calculus), physics, biology, and English.

View the Pre-Medical Preparation at UC Davis handout for specific UC Davis course prerequisites.

It is not only wise to have extracurricular activities, but also critical that one have some type of clinical experience as medical schools want to be certain that an applicant has knowledge of the field from the inside. Most serious applicants also have research experience although it is not required. UC Davis is an excellent place for undergraduates to obtain research experience.

Health Sciences Advising has found that, over the years, applying to medical school early is highly advantageous. Therefore, students are urged to consult with Health Sciences Advising at each stage of medical school preparation and the application process; assistance is available through the use of numerous printed materials, medical school catalogs, videotapes, workshops, and individual advising.

Health Sciences Advising has advising staff who are eager to assist in your quest toward becoming a physician.

For the additional information, view the Pre-Medical Preparation at UC Davis handout.

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