Speech Pathology

For UC Davis Students

Speech pathologists and audiologists are involved in evaluating and treating speech and hearing disorders. The speech pathologist works with children and adults who have speech, language and vocal disorders resulting from causes such as total or partial hearing loss, brain injury, cleft palate, mental retardation, emotional problems, or foreign dialect. The audiologist primarily assesses and treats hearing problems. Because the two fields are closely related, specialists in each must have some knowledge of the other's work.

Speech pathologists and audiologists work in clinical, teaching, research, and administrative capacities. Although there are bachelor's degree programs available, there are increasing demands for master's level training. A state license is required to work in California; at the national level, a certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association is recommended.

Undergraduate coursework should include anatomy, biology, physiology, physics, sociology, linguistics, semantics and phonetics. Volunteer experience is highly recommended for entrance into a master's program.

For additional information refer to the Speech Pathology and Audiology information handout.

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