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General Resources

UC Davis CampusCommunity

UC Davis Campus Resources

Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

Confidential help for staff and faculty for personal and work related problems.

Beth Cohen -

(530) 752-2727


Campus Community Relations

Confronts and rejects all manifestations of discrimination, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, status within or outside the university or any of the other differences among people which have been excuses for misunderstanding or hatred.

(530) 752-2071

Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee (DIAAC)

Reviews and monitors issues and concerns related to students, staff and faculty with disabilities. Makes recommendations to the Chancellor and administrative staff and submits annual report to the chancellor.

Chris Adamson -

(530) 754-1016

Disability Management Services

Offers help to faculty and staff when a medical condition interferes with the ability to work. Assists with the individual, plans to help employee return to work, and advises on reasonable accommodations.

Fredna Karneges -

(530) 752-6008
David Ritz -

(530) 752-6019

Discrimination Complaint Line

Confidential advising when possible disability-related discrimination arises.
Helps explore options and provides resources and referral.

Employee Relations Consultant

(530) 754-8892


Forum on Disability Issues

Addresses disability-related issues of concern to UC Davis employees with
disabilities and provides input to existing campus entities. Works to enhance
knowledge of disability issues and promotes self-advocacy for employees
with disabilities.

Diane Adams -
Nancy Seyden -


Human Resources - Employment & Outreach Services

Offers people with disabilities individual counseling on exploring employment at UC Davis. Emphasis on special accommodation needs during the application and selection process. Provide assistance to applicants who self identify as having a disability.


Human Resources and Risk Management

Employee Health Services: Provides campus medical services for industrial injury/illness workers' compensation claims and preventive medical surveillance programs to comply with Federal, State and UC P&P mandates.

(916) 734-2362


Staff Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

The Staff Affirmative Action/EEO and Diversity Office is a resource to all staff members of the campus community and the communities that surround the campus. It is the charge of this unit to ensure that every individual connected with UC Davis receives fair and equitable treatment and equal opportunities. Our services help to create an environment in which individuals feel included and can be successful.

(530) 752-0530

Student Disability Center

Services for enrolled students with disabilities. General information and referral on disability-related issues.

Voice (530) 752-3184
TTY (530) 752-6833
Web site:


Women's Resources and Research Center (WRRC)

Educational programs, consulting and referrals, newsletter, discussion groups and advocacy for students, staff and faculty. WRRC library houses the Forum on Disability Issues book and video collection, a circulating collection featuring alternative and empowering views of disability.

Diane Adams (Faculty Member) -
(530) 752-3372
Joy Erickson (Video Librarian) -
(530) 752-3373


Community Resources



Information network on assistive technology products available to people with disabilities.

Voice: (800) 227-0216
TTY: (301) 608-8912

Agency for Hearing, Inc.

Rehabilitation of hearing loss through consultation, speech reading, hearing testing, and educational workshops.

Voice: (888) 725-8372
TTY: (916) 732-9040

Californians for Disability Rights (CDR)

Californians for Disability Rights is an independent leadership organization whose members advocate the elimination of prejudice, discrimination and inaccessibility.

Laura Williams - (916) 447-2237
Toll free: (800) 838-9237

California Relay Service (CRS)

Relays calls between a person using a TDD and any other telephone user within the United States at no extra charge. Also allows a person without a TDD to call a TDD user. Users with MCI have no long distance charges on TDD calls. Also allows users to relay through the computer.

For questions or comments e-mail

View to use the relay through the computer.

To access CRS by phone dial 711 for both voice and TDD calls.

Center for Speech Pathology

Accepts referrals, diagnoses and treats individuals of all ages with speech, language and learning difficulties. Intervention provided on an individual and/or small group basis.

(530) 758-8944

Department of Rehabilitation

Vocational training, financial support with vocational training, advocacy information and job placement services for eligible adults with disabilities.

Woodland Branch: (530) 668-6824


NorCal Center on Deafness

Provides education, advocacy, and resources for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, including sign language interpreting and captioning services.


Voice/TDD: (916) 349-7500


Resources for Independent Living, Inc. (RIL)

Consumer managed center provides: housing assistance, attendant registry and referral, advocacy, peer counseling, advocacy on work incentives and disincentives, information and referral, and Transitional Living Center Program services.

Voice (916) 446-3074
TTY (916) 446-3070


Society for the Blind, Inc.

Assistance to promote independence for people with vision loss. Counseling, rehabilitation, recreation and informational services. Offers a low vision clinic, computer training and job placement, as well as a store that sells aids for people with vision loss.

(916) 452-8271

Speech Therapy Services and Learning Center

Staff of licensed practitioners provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for speech/language and learning disorders for individuals of all ages. Also offers occupational and physical therapy as well as hand therapy. Intervention programs are designed to address the needs of each individual. Rehab.

(530) 662-2835

Yolo County Department of Mental Health Services

Promotes mental well-being in the community through educational programs, information and referral, advocacy for the mentally ill and self help referrals, training and assistance. Provides crisis services, referral for medical help and counseling.

(530) 757-5530

Yolo County Social Services Department

Information on General Assistance, In-Home Supportive Services, Medi-Cal,
AFDC, and food stamps.

(530) 661-2750

Yolo Family Service Agency

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing professional counseling services to individuals, couples and families in Yolo County. Service fees are on an adjusted fee basis.

Davis: (530) 753-8674
Woodland: (530) 662-2211

Transportation Resources

UC Davis CampusCommunityCountyOther

UC Davis Campus Transportation Resources

Division of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)

UC Davis Intracampus shuttle service. TAPS facilitates the access and mobility needs of the campus community through the coordination of efforts among TAPS units and with other campus departments and non-university entities, and ensures that services are provided in a professional, efficient, and service-oriented manner.

(530) 752-8277

Berkeley Bus

Intercampus bus service provides transportation between UC Berkeley and UC Davis campuses, for university faculty, staff and registered students. There are three roundtrips daily Monday through Friday during the academic year. Reservations are recommended. Call ahead for wheel chair accessibility.

(530) 752-8287

Campus Tram Shuttles

UC Davis maintains a tram bus that can be chartered for campus tours or special event shuttles, complete with driver and tour guide.

Visitor Services Office/Campus Tours: (530) 752-8111

UCDMC Campus Transit Service

Bus service between UC Davis campus and UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

(530) 752-8277

Community Transportation Resources


Operates local bus service within the City of Davis.

(530) 752-2877 (BUSS)

Davis Community Transit Service

Operates a door-to-door accessible service for senior and disabled residents of Davis. Passengers must register and give verification of their eligibility.

(530) 757-4408

Woodland Handi-Van

Door-to-door accessible service for senior and disabled residents of Woodland. Passengers must register and give verification of their eligibility.

(800) 371-2877 (BUSS)

Community Care Car

Woodland based door-to-door service for ambulatory senior and disabled residents.

(530) 662-7800

County Transportation Resources

Sacramento Regional Transit

Operates countywide bus and light rail train services. Regional Transit operates 77 bus routes and 20.6 miles of light rail covering a 418 square mile service area.

Voice: (916) 321-2877 (BUSS)
TDD: (916) 483-4327


Operates local and express bus service between Woodland, Davis, West Sacramento and downtown Sacramento. Also operates rural service in western Yolo County.

(530) 666-2877 (BUSS)

Other Transportation Resources


Operates train services nationwide as well as regional routes including the Capitol route between Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Voice: (800) USA RAIL
TDD/TTY: (800) 523-6590

Sacramento County Airport System

The County Airport System is designed to fulfill all of your aviation and traveling needs, through the Sacramento International Airport, the Sacramento Executive Airport and the Sacramento Mather Airport.

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Operates regional service between major bay area cities. Bart is committed to providing all passengers the highest level of comfort, safety and service possible. BART's facilities, policies and procedures are designed to enhance accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Voice: (510) 465-2278
TDD: (510) 839-2278

Legal Resources

ADA Information/Complaints

San Francisco: (415) 356-5100
TDD: (415)356-5098


Title I: Employment: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

1801 L Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20507

Title II: Public Services (State & Local Government Services)

Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Office of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Voice: (202) 514-0301 or (202) 514-0381
TDD: (202) 514-0383

Department of Transportation

Transportation Access

Voice: (202) 366-9305
TDD: (202) 755-7687
San Francisco: (415) 923-6142

Title III: Public Accommodations

Department of Justice

Voice: (202) 514- 0301 or (202) 514-0381
TDD: (202) 514-0383

Title IV: Telecommunications

Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States Government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

Voice: (888) 225-5322 (CALL FCC)
TTY: 835-5332 (TELL FCC)

Title IX: Office of Civil Rights

Department of Education

50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 556-4120

California Fair Employment and Housing Department

Handles discrimination claims related to employment and housing.

Voice: (800) 884-1684
TDD: (916) 324-1678

City of Davis ADA Coordinator

Receives ADA-related complaints with the City of Davis. Oversees access to City facilities, services, programs, activities, and employment.

Phone: (530) 757-5626

City of Davis Fair Housing Services

Investigates and assists in filing discrimination complaints in the rental or purchase of housing.

Phone: (530)757-5623

Community Mediation Services

Provides conflict resolution program to help resolve disputes. Conflicts may include: tenant/landlord; customer/merchant; roommate/housemate; arguments with neighbors; and difficulties with co-workers.

Phone: (530) 757-5623

Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC)

A non-profit Independent Living Center located in Santa Rosa. Dedicated to advancing the rights of people with disabilities to equal justice, access, opportunity, and participation within their communities.

Voice: (707) 528-2745
TTY: (707) 528-2151

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF) is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.


Voice/TTY: (510) 644-2555

Legal Services of Northern California

Provides free legal services to low-income residents of Yolo, West Sacramento, and Sacramento Counties related to public benefits, health, housing and family.

Yolo County: (530) 662-1065 -
Sacramento: (916) 551-2150 -

Yolo County ADA Central Services Division

Central Services provides a broad range of internal support services for county departments and agencies. These include planning, construction, maintenance and repair of county owned and leased buildings and facilities; printing and copying services; and purchasing. It also manages an intergovernmental courier service and a telephone system serving the County and cities of Davis and Woodland.

(530) 666-8113

World Institute on Disability (WID)

The World Institute on Disability (WID) is a nonprofit, public policy center dedicated to promoting independence and full societal inclusion of people with disabilities. WID's innovative personnel policies are national models of affordable reasonable accommodation, including personal assistance, adaptive technology, and flexible work scheduling.

Voice (510) 763-4100
TTY (510) 208-9496

Internet Resources

American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

A nonprofit, nonpartisan, cross-disability organization whose goals are unity leadership and impact. This site contains recent updates on important events pertaining to people with disabilities. Includes links such as; Benefits, Info, News, Career Center and more.

Cornucopia of Disability Information (CODI)

CODI serves as a community resource for consumers and professionals by providing disability information in a wide variety of areas. Including links such as; Aging, Assistive Technology, Biographic Info, Children, Coming to Terms with Disability, Communication, Computing, Employment, Government Documents, Hearing Impairments, Statistics, Vision Impairments, and much more.

Department of Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) assists Californians with disabilities obtain and retain employment and maximize their ability to live independently in their communities. Working with individuals of every type and category of disability, DOR provides vocational rehabilitation services to eligible Californians. DOR also provides ADA technical assistance and training and funds 29 Independent Living Centers, which offer information and referral services to assist individuals with disabilities live active, independent lives.

Disabled People International

Their purpose is to promote the human rights of people with disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development. Includes links such as; Disability International Press Releases, Womens Publications, World Assembly, Publications and more.

Disability Information and Resources

A great resource page with an extensive list from A to Z, everything having to do with disabilities. Includes links such as; Housing Resources, Legal and Advocacy Resources, Independent living, Service Animals, Transportation, Government/Legislative Disabilities Info, and many more.

Disability Resources on the Internet

A nonprofit organization that monitors, reviews, and reports on resources every day. Provides an extensive guide to disability resources on the Internet. Includes links such as; Advocacy, Education, Housing, Social Security Programs, Vocational Rehabilitation and much more.

Disability Social History Project

Announces a community history project that gives the opportunity for disabled people, "to reclaim our history and determine how to define ourselves and our struggles." Allows one to learn the history of others with disabilities, as well as giving your own history and views on the history of people with disabilities. Includes links such as; Timeline, News and Events, People and more.

Global Access Disabled Travel Network

Offers travel articles and tips for disabled travelers. Includes links such as; Feature Trip, Travel Archives, Travel Books, Tips and Resources, Hotels and Rentals, and more.

Goodwill Industries International

Provides employment and training services to people with disabilities and barriers to employment. Includes links such as; Job Training and Placement, Work for Goodwill, Employment Programs and more.

Voter Registration

Secretary of State - Voter Registration

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