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Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference

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The Conference is an opportunity
for undergraduates in all academic fields

to present their research.

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As a leading American research university, UC Davis is strongly committed to the principle of extending the undergraduate curriculum through opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in individual and collaborative research mentored by resident members of the faculty. The University encourages undergraduate students to familiarize themselves with the many substantial opportunities for undergraduate research and to shape one or more of these into a career- and life-enhancing experience. Students who envision graduate study will find real competitive advantage when they are able to submit dossiers containing original research as part of the application process.

Undergraduate Research Conference Oral PresenterOne of the finest distinctions of UC Davis is its reputation as a premier research university. Nearly every faculty member is engaged in the research enterprise, resulting in a classroom experience enriched by the intellectual creativity that professors bring to the curriculum and numerous opportunities for students to work individually with professors in research activities outside the classroom.

For many students, becoming involved in undergraduate research is a simple matter of identifying ongoing projects at the departmental level: look for courses numbered in the 190s, consult your major advisor, or simply tell an exciting professor you'd like to become involved in his or her research directions. The important thing is to have a mentor.
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